Masami Koshikawa also known as ‘Butterfly Woman’ is a multimedia performance artist who has immigrated from Japan and currently lives in Central Florida. She recieved her MFA from UCF in 2015. With a team of collaborators, she has created and excuted many performance that include live music, dance, and video installation.

Her work deals with the struggle of having a multicultural background, feelings of social displacement, and transformation. Through the utilization of her mother’s origami in various mediums such as painting, mixed media, sculpture, video performance, and installations, Koshikawa has achieved a unique form of collaboration between her and her mother.

Exhibition records include MFA Thesis Show at UCF Gallery, Snap! Orlando, Art In Odd Places NY, Creative City Project, 1st Thursday at OMA, CityArts at MIami Aqua during Miami Basel, etc.